Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I Knew It !

A little trick for trick-or-treat day...

Happy Halloween!

1:07:06 :: 10 miles

Easy run. Felt good following yesterday's workout. I know that I could have duplicated that workout today if I had to (one of Mystery Coach's rules of thumb), so I think the effort was right. Averaged 6:43 pace, 137HR on a windy and cold day.

I checked out the NOVA marathon program last night on PBS, and it was pretty interesting. I enjoyed the science, and seeing everyone (except one) get through the training and finish one of the more difficult Boston Marathons. Leaving aside whether or not a 6+ hour marathon is 'running', 'racing' or something else, I have a lot of respect for anyone who can put in that kind of effort for that length of time. Not for me!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

1:00:00 :: 8 miles (6x800)

Workout. Went incredibly well. Felt very easy, relaxed, and strong. A couple were slightly faster than I wanted, but nothing to cause problems. Mystery Coach was looking for 2:27-2:30--a good rhythm, but not too fast. If I screwed it up, he assured me that I'd have to do it over tomorrow...

Just kidding.

Fifteen minute warmup and fifteen minute cooldown for 4.2 miles.

2:29.4(162-:44) | 2:26.5(159-:46)
2:27.7(161-:??) | 2:29.7(160-:48)
2:27.0(160-:51) | 2:35.0(160-:46)

A couple of notes--the third rep I forgot to check my 120 recovery, so I finally hit the button at 106, at :59 seconds. Based on the other reps, it's safe to say it was in the same :46-:50 range. On the last rep, the watch didn't record .50 miles until about 30m past the finish line for all the others. Based on the way it felt, the HR, and the recovery time, I would say this was in the same time range as the others, and that something happened with the GPS. All that matters is that the reps were consistent in effort, if not in time. I didn't look at my watch until the last few meters before the finish, so I was really trying to gauge the effort off the body rather than split times. I guess my internal clock was off. Maybe I need the Daylight Savings Time patch.

Ohana 1
49 miles

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Monday, October 29, 2007

1:01:45 :: 9 miles

Easy run. Nothing to say about this run really. Pretty uneventful. Workout tomorrow, so I wanted to take it easy. Average HR 131, 6:52 pace.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

40:00 :: 5.5+ miles

Easy run. Ran the Veteran's Day course in my new spikes--to break them in as well as get in some time on the course. It's quite the ankle breaker again, and it's helpful to practice some of the more technical sections before coming across the ravines, hidden logs, and micro-moguls at race pace.

I should have a couple of workouts over the next week, so today was a nice way to get recovered and ready for them.

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

1:42:32 :: 15 miles

Easy run. Longer run today, but not as long or fast as the long run a week after Beardsley. Probably why I felt so good during the run and feel so good today. A good lesson for the future following a long race.

Average HR of 136, average pace of 6:50. Solid run, very nice day, and feeling ready for the last two weeks of training leading up to the Veteran's Day race.

We're going to the pumpkin patch! Have a good weekend, everyone.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Marathon Challenge Starting Oct. 30!

A few weeks back, I was asked to mention this NOVA program on my blog. So, here it is, in the nick of time! I'll keep this sticky for a few days so you all remember to tune in!

Just a reminder that NOVA's "Marathon Challenge" will be premiering this Tuesday, October 30, at 8PM ET/PT on PBS. You can check your local listings to confirm when it will be broadcast near you.

Here's the scoop on the show: Six months ago, a team of rookies stepped to the starting line of the Boston Marathon. As members of Team NOVA, they were part of an experiment: a test to see what it takes to mold a batch of non-runners into a team of marathoners. Tune in Tuesdsay to find out how this diverse group of hopeful novices transformed physically and mentally to meet the challenge.

While you're waiting, why not click over to the Marathon Challenge Web site, where you can meet Team NOVA and its coaching group, get training tips, and explore the physiology of fitness.

1:00:30 :: 10 miles

Moderate progression run. Really good run. Definitely worked into the mid-range, but remained very comfortable--no difficulty working down to half marathon pace by the end of the run.

6:49(128) | 6:18(141) | 6:10(146)
6:14(145) | 6:05(148) | 6:05(151)
5:54(153) | 5:53(155) | 5:40(161)
5:21(167) MaxHR: 171 AvgHR: 147

Recovered to 120HR in 1:11, to 110HR in 1:34. This run felt awesome! One of those where I was more energized *after* the run than before. Very similar in feeling to the 7 mile MP runs that preceded the long MP back-to-backs during marathon training. Good stuff.

Ohana 1
41 miles

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

54:34 :: 8 miles

Easy run, mixed pace. Very windy, so speed was all over the place. Finally determined that the high HR problem must be a low battery in the strap, because it happens on every run now, and has gone as high as 232. Hmm. But it goes away after about .5 to 1 mile, with the rest of the results being consistent and accurate. Weird.

Anyway, here's the breakdown:

7:26(128) | 7:09(130) | 7:11(131)
6:57(135) | 6:20(138) | 6:33(136)
6:33(137) | 6:25(140)

FYI, I'm not going to start recording this in depth on every run. I am doing this for this week to get a read on some different HR ranges and paces. I also want to compare this week to a few weeks back--the one where I went overboard on moderate runs following the Beardsley 1/2 marathon (specifically, the moderate ten miler, followed by the evaluation run, followed by a 2-hour run at 6:41 pace...oops). I am doing some moderate range work this week following the 15k, but dialing back to what I hope is a more 'recoverable' level. We'll see.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

1:09:35 :: 11 miles

We'll call this 'high-easy' pace. I don't think it's quite 'moderate' because it is so comfortable and relaxed--it feels so easy, but is probably not a pace I could do (or would want to do unless I was training for 100k or something) for more than an hour for days on end. Anyway, I wanted to do some work at this pace during the week because I have been feeling like this range has been neglected, and now is as good as any time to do it, as I am winding down from racing and looking ahead to aerobic volume work and marathon training.

Long-winded explanations done. Here is the breakdown:

6:48(130) | 6:19(140) | 6:18(139)
6:16(141) | 6:16(143) | 6:15(144)
6:18(146) | 6:17(147) | 6:15(148)
6:15(149) | 6:17(148)

Recovered to 120HR in :35, to 110 in :55. Overall, a very comfortable and satisfying run. Still feeling the HR is a few bpm high, but no problems due to the lingering cold.

Ohana 1
31 miles

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

1:20:48 :: 12 miles

Easy run. Felt really good from the first mile, but kept the pace under control for the run. Generally, the first mile is around 7:10-7:20, then drops to whatever the pace for the day will be. Today I got through in 6:55, which is a good indicator of both physical and mental recovery. It's actually been a few weeks since I had a sub 7:00 warm up mile on one of these non-workout runs, so I'll take that as a positive.

HR was a bit higher today, averaging 137 at 6:44 pace. The cold is on the way out, but is still sitting in my chest, causing some coughing every so often.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

1:12:11 :: 10 miles

Recovery run. Took another very easy day, but increased the time. Downloaded some Keane tunes and plugged in the iPod. Turned out to be a very nice, relaxing run. Average HR 130, which is still a bit higher than normal for 7:15 pace. Cold is fading away, but still there.

Ohana 1
20 miles

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

54:00 :: 7.5+ miles

Recovery run. Ran 23 minutes pushing kids in the stroller and keeping up with Cindy, then 31 minutes on my own for about 7.5-7.75 miles. Averaged around 7:30 pace between the two segments with a HR average of 127. Nice family run--it's been a while!

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

~50:45 :: Red River Run 15k + (1st)

Well, a good day weather-wise, an okay day physically, and a bad day for logistics. The weather was great, about 45F, overcast, with a light breeze, 6-8mph according to reports. Couldn't ask for anything better in October--just a great day to run. The course was hillier than advertised, being held in the same park as the Prairie Rose 5k I ran earlier this summer, rather than the original (traditional?) country highway. Not a fast, flat course, but more of an easy roller.

Physically, I just didn't have it today. I could muster about half-marathon pace before my breathing would go crazy on me, which stopped me pushing my intended 5:15 goal pace. I made it two miles on pace, and with my breathing more like the last stages of a 10k, I knew I wouldn't last long without pulling back and reassessing the goal. My legs felt great. Plenty of gas and feeling strong the whole way, which was too bad. So, overall, the cold is still affecting my lungs, but my legs were feeling good. Here's the breakdown:

Max HR: 173

5:14.8(165) | 5:16.2(170) | 5:27.0(170) 5K-16:33
5:20.0(169) | 5:27.8(167) | 5:24.4(167) 10K-33:14
5:30.2(168) | 5:29.2(167) | 5:29.0(168)

I didn't get the split for the last stretch or an actual final time because my watch didn't get stopped properly (or a button got hit and it started up again). Also, the finish timer apparently didn't work, because they had my time at the awards as 57:05, which, as it happens, was ten seconds *slower* than second place. Hmmmm...

You might have noticed the + after the 15k up top. Unfortunately, the lead cyclist took me off course with just over a mile to go (up a steep hill, no less). After about 100m I realized that we were coming in on the finish of the first loop, which would put me over 3/4 mile short of the 15k. I told the biker we must have gone off course, and fortunately we were able to drop down a steep embankment back onto the correct finish loop, adding just about 80 meters to the course, maybe 15 seconds. I had already been frustrated with watching my lofty (sub-49) and reasonable (49:30) goals slip away, so rather than get pissed off about missing my cold-comfort goal (sub-50), I just had to laugh it off. No use getting worked up about it, as a number of other factors combined to make it 'not my day' well before the logistical snafu.

The end result is a new, easy to crack 15k PR, and a good overall experience at a really great race with a lot of history. Next year, I'll shoot for sub-48! haha

Have a great weekend, and stay healthy everyone!

Ohana 1
10 miles

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

1:10:09 :: 11+ miles

Taper workout. Easy 10 minutes, then 30 minutes at 5:45, 15 minutes at 6:25, and 3x1000m ~3:10. Still have a cold and didn't sleep well last night.

5:47.8(148) | 5:45.7(153) | 5:44.1(155)
5:44.0(157) | 5:51.3(157) | 1:06.1(161)

3:10.5(163-:59) | 3:09.7(159-:59) | 3:09.8(162-:56)

Last 2+ miles was into a solid breeze, so HR stacked up a bit due to that (and the cold). Slowed to keep the HR reasonable during the last mile. Decided on 3 reps rather than 4 for the 1000s, but I felt fine to go for another. Better to leave it out there with a race coming up and being a bit under the weather.

15K race on Saturday. Ready for a 49:30 or thereabouts, so I'm shooting for a sub-49. We'll see what we get.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

40:01 :: ~5 miles

Ran very easy on the treadmill rather than take a zero. Average HR 124. Wore my new XC spikes to start the breaking in process.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

53:18 :: 7+ miles

Ran with Cindy. Nice easy run (7:27 pace, 127HR) over hills around St Joseph, MN. Felt okay, but again, energy level was low.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

54:15 :: 8 miles

Easy run. Visiting relatives in St Cloud area. Would have run the Lost Valley hills if I didn't have a race coming up, and if my energy level was better. Cold is getting worse, but still okay.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

50:51 :: 8 miles

Moderate run with a few MP miles. Average HR 147. Weird HR thing happened again, so I stoppped several times to check my wrist pulse, and it was between 120-130 (six second count x 10) every time. Hmmm... I'm also getting another cold. Somebody at the office, who knows who he is, comes in to work sick, hangs around for half an hour, says he doesn't feel good and then goes home. F***ing irritating.

Decent run today, anyway.
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Thursday, October 11, 2007

1:11:22 :: 10 miles

Easy recovery run. Average HR 129.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

1:01:17 :: 9 miles (9x1000m)

Workout. 8-10x1000 in 3:08-3:10 on 5:00. Ended up doing nine, as Mystery Coach cautioned me to 'leave a couple in the bag'. Ten minute warmup, then...

3:08.3(158-:40) | 3:09.2(159-:42) | 3:10.4(159-:46)
3:10.5(162-:53) | 3:09.1(163-:62) | 3:09.2(162-:63)
3:07.3(162-:70) | 3:07.2(163-:68) | 3:06.7(164-:56)

First four felt really good--like 10k pace. Then 5 and 6 felt progressively more challenging. The last three were strangely more *comfortable* than the slower ones before. Breathing was slightly heavier but easier, and the legs seemed to turn over better. Recovery inexplicably improved on the last one. I was nearly curious enough about the recovery to do a tenth rep. Nearly. =)

Really good workout. Looking forward to the 15k Red River Run in ten days (October 20). I've never run a 15k before, so it should be fun, and I'll get a PR no matter what. Cheers!
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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

59:11 :: 8 miles

Easy run on the treadmill. Of course, it didn't feel that easy. Heart rate was up in the mid 130s by the last few miles, which is somewhere in the 6:35-6:40 range on the roads. Threw in a mile at 3 percent incline. Felt decent. Workout tomorrow, as there was a 30mph wind today. 20mph I can deal with, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

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Monday, October 08, 2007

41:15 :: 6 miles

Easy run. Once again, the weird HR thing happened. Normal until about the first quarter mile, then up to 170 until about 1400m, then back down to normal. Weird. I noticed this happened last year, too, but I always attributed it to a flaky HR monitor. Flaky heart?

Average HR 131 for the run. Feeling a bit of a cold still. No worse, no better. Workout tomorrow or Wednesday.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

1:38:04 :: 15 miles

Easy run with quicker five miles at the end. First 10 in about 1:08, then

6:20(141) | 6:09(143) | 6:14(147) | 6:05(149) | 5:35(159)

Last mile felt pretty difficult. I got the impression I have lost some aerobic 'depth'. Probably just an off day though, as it wasn't that long ago I was averaging faster than that for a half marathon.

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

1:08:52 :: 10 miles

Easy run. Heart rate back to 'normal'. No spike in the first mile. HR Avg 130 for the run.

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Friday, October 05, 2007

28:32 :: 4 miles

Easy run. Weird heart rate thing happening again today and yesterday. Feeling a bit like a cold coming on (again).

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

56:44 :: 8 miles

Easy recovery run. Avg HR 130.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

1:04:41 :: 11 miles (4x1.5mi)

Volume speed workout. Nice weather--41F, clear starry skies, and light winds. Did just a one mile warmup (6:48-127) and got right into the speed. The goal was to duplicate a similar workout from 8.21, like this:

[7:56-161] - 6:32(146)
[8:01-163] - 6:36(150)
[7:57-166] - 6:32(154)
[8:00-167] - 6:36(151)
*I don't have the breakdown for the 1.5mi segments like below. That workout got erased from my Garmin.

[7:55-159]-5:18(156)/2:37(164) - 6:38(140)
[7:58-160]-5:22(158)/2:36(165) - 6:33(146)
[7:56-163]-5:19(161)/2:37(166) - 6:30(148)
[7:53-164]-5:18(161)/2:35(168) - 6:29(146)

I ran a bit faster for the last .5 mile of each rep, with the idea being to practice slightly increasing the pace when tired. Seemed to work out well.

Today's result was a significant improvement. Heart rates were improved, even as speeds increased, but more importantly the workout just felt better overall. This is likely the result of taking a pretty easy week prior to today, creating a bit of a 'taper' effect for the workout. Legs felt really strong throughout, and breathing was of the steady tempo run variety. Good workout.

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