Tuesday, December 30, 2008

1:07:20 :: 10 miles

Evaluation run. Lost a little bit of ground on this one. Ran it on the treadmill again, and got about the same pace numbers as last time, with the last mile a little bit slower than two weeks ago, and the recovery a few seconds slower as well. Didn't get a long run in either of the past two weeks, so I'm sure that had some effect. I'll post the numbers up in a nice table when I get a chance to pull the data off the watch.

3mi warmup 21:13
5:43(152) | 5:53(152) | 5:57(152) | 6:07(153)
recHR 130-:35 | 120-:49 | 110-:71

I have to pimp a project I have been invited to participate in. It's called Purple States - Economic Crisis Edition, and is located at if you would like to check it out. Today is my day(!), so check out my video (and the others), learn something you didn't know about our wonderful economic engine, and crack jokes about my radio face in the comments. Cheers!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nutrition Information

Thomas was wondering what I used for nutrition. Here is the label and formula. I mix it in 125ml bottles, with one scoop of powder to approximately 100ml of water, or 100kcal per bottle. During a long run, I will take one bottle, during a hard long run, I might use three or four, and during a marathon, I use five or six bottles along with one or two gels.

Thanks for the question, Thomas.

Monday, December 15, 2008

2:29:00 :: 22 miles

Long run on the treadmill. I'm still having all kinds of pains and cramps on the right leg/ankle/foot. Today was the strangest yet, as I went 13 miles with quite a bit of tightness and some pain in my leg, foot, and toe, but then within a few minutes after passing 13 miles, everything went pretty much normal through to the end. I even did a few strides over the last four miles (4x.3mi @ 5:30 pace) and had no problems. Didice bath for the lower legs after just for the recovery aspect. Legs felt great all day, no cramping or anything. Pace was pretty solid, about 6:50s overall, so I was pretty excited about the run, and especially feeling so fresh during and after.

Since I have been on the treadmill, I've been taking 100kcal of nutrition during the last ten miles, and I have to say, I think it makes a huge difference in performance during the run and recovery afterwards. I still think there's some value in occasionally doing a long run without fuel and stressing the system that way, but in general, I'm thinking you get better workouts when you fuel the body adequately throughout.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

7 miles :: Evaluation

Eval on the treadmill. Wanted to get a baseline on the treadmill, so no time like the present. Heat definitely makes a difference. I could tell that as I sweat more and got warmer, the pace to hold the 152HR stacked up pretty quickly. It will be interesting to see how this changes as (if?) I get more adapted to running indoors.

3 mile warmup @ 7:05 pace avg.
5:52(151) | 6:01(152) | 6:04(152) | 6:08(152)

Not real excited about the numbers, but it will be something to compare with treadmill evals in the future.

Over the past week, things have not been going well. Last Sunday, I got a pain around the front of my ankle six miles into a ten mile run. By the end of the run it was pretty sore, and it has taken a day off and a solid week of reduced mileage to get it under control. I was not able to manage more than 11 miles for a long run this week, which was disappointing. Hopefully, I will keep making progress and put whatever that problem is behind me over the next few days.