Tuesday, March 17, 2009

58:00 :: 8.5 miles

Eval. GI issues still bothering me, three pit stops during the run (none during the eval segment, though). Ran inside even though it was beautiful outside (32F, not much wind). Ice and frost on the roads was pretty bad.

3 mi WU 20:55
6:03(152) | 6:08(152) | 6:14(152) | 6:18(152)
recHR: 130-:34 | 120-:43 | 110-:76


Ewen said...

I know how you feel - the inch deep dry dust and autumn leaves are pretty bad on our trails right now ;)

That was similar to Mike's eval. What sort of 5k race shape to you reckon you're in?

Marc said...

Some homemade maple syrup will cure what ails you. Sap is running fast and furious...10 gallons in just the last four days and there are plenty of good days ahead!

And again, just to clarify: no wins needed this year to qualify for a sample.

Eric said...

5K shape? The kind where I don't race 5Ks because I'm out of shape!

10 gallons?! Of sap? What does that boil down to, or are you saying ten gallons of syrup? Either way, that is a lot of sugar, sugar.

I'm looking forward to a taste again. And this time I will eat it quickly instead of trying to ration it out over the rest of the year, like I do with chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies and girl scout cookies.

Marc said...

It is a 40:1 ratio sap to syrup. We are still boiling (April 5) but not as good a yield as last year.